Turn off the Television

It sounds funny turning off TV can save money? Don’t you aware that commercial TV nowadays are come along with a lot of guilt-inducing ads, which can tempted you to spend unnecessary  money.

Cable / satellite bills
Apart from watch less TV, you can reduce cable / satellite bill by reducing channels. For
example, satellite / Astro bill cost us roughly RM140 a month. That adds up to RM1680 a
year just to get more programming. Three years worth of that and we are looking at a very
nice vacation.

Saving Electricity
Nowadays, a lot of house having more than 1 television at home. Do we really need it? Is that really a person watching at the TV when it is turning on? It can easily cost you hundreds of Ringgit wasting a year.

Let time for other activities
If the TV is on for four hours a day, that’s four hours where you can be doing something
more constructive and meaningful, like starting a small business, working on a novel for
positive input, getting house hold chores done, star a successful blog online (for extra
income) and so forth.

Poorer dining habits
For sure, we will rush to cath certain TV programs, we will hurry to shop to buy for instant prepackaged meal instead of spending time to prepare healthy and inexpensive meal for our-self and family. Buying food from outside not only expensive and unhealthy, it will cause us gain weight, especially around our waists.

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