Baby with Bee – FREE Hypnobirthing Birth Talk Workshop

Are you pregnant and not sure what your birth options are? How to cope with labor pains? What birth positions can you use? How to relax and have a more comfortable birth experience?

Baby with Bee is having FREE Hypnobirthing Birth Talk Workshop on 5th November 2017, 2.30PM at Serenity Confinement . Well, come along and join FREE workshop where all these information will be shared here.

Available at: Serenity Confinement Centre, No. 1-2, 1-3, 3-2 Jalan Radin Bagus 3, Sri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur.
Date: 5th November 2017
Time: 2.30PM
Items Offered: FREE WORKSHOP
Brands Offered: Serenity Confinement Centre
Waze: Serenity Confinement Centre

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Our passion is to support parents like you on your parenthood journey, starting from the first trimester through to the fourth trimester. Why? Because we have been through that ourselves and totally understand how overwhelming this experience might be especially to a first time parent.

We offer these classes – HypnoBirthing, Baby Massage and Dunstan Baby Language, Newborn Care and Breastfeeding Class.

HypnoBirthing® – The Mongan Method is a 12.5-hour comprehensive antenatal class that is designed to help you achieve a COMFORTABLE and CALM birth experience for you and your baby.

You will learn to dismiss fear-based stories, misinformation, and birthing myths; and learn to trust that your body know how to bring your baby into the world in the calm and gentle way that Nature intended.

HypnoBirthing® techniques are useful irregardless of your choice of hospital or home birth, water or ‘dry’ birth, natural or cesarean birth. HypnoBirths are typically calm, positive experiences for the whole family – mum, dad & baby.

HypnoBirthing® Infant Massage classes focus on empowering the parents, teaching them to relax, and bond through touch. You will learn different strokes designed to facilitate bonding with and relaxing your baby. Learning your baby’s engagement and disengagement cues will help to reduce over stimulation and overtired babies.

Also learn massages for special circumstances if your baby is having Colic, Gas, Constipation, Reflux, Cold, Coughs, Congestion and Sleeplessness.

Dunstan Baby Language, Newborn Care and Breastfeeding class aims to equip you with the knowledge you would need during the Fourth Trimester. We cover all topics ranging from understanding your baby’s cries & sleep patterns, breastfeeding basics, burping, bathing, comfort measures, newborn awareness, avoiding & eliminating lower wind, parenting scenarios and much more.