Cheaper Food and Drinks with Same Nutrition Fact

Alternative food with same nutrition fact

Substitute Coffee
Always look for substitute coffee instead of consuming expensive coffee drinks. You might feel that it is just small money as low as RM2 a day, but this RM2 over a year, it can support to a emergency fund, let say RM500!

Bring lunch to work.
In the era of high inflaction, a simple lunch or meal can be very costly. For e.g. If you buying a lunch at work cost about RM5 per meal, plus RM5 for your wife or husband. I believe it can easily cost more than RM10. Imagine that making lunch at home costs only RM5 for 2 person. Days over day, you could afford to create a quite considerable emergency fund and still have money left over probably for a nice vacation.

Eat out one time fewer each month
Cost of dining at your favorite restaurant or shopping mall can easily cost you RM50 for 2 person, but eat at home may cost you RM20-RM30 for the same portion of nice food, even seafood. A small saving from every month can complete fund to emergency savings account.

Shopping list, buy only items in the shopping list
As survey, people who do grocery or food shopping with a list is always buy else and spend much less money than those who decide what to buy when they get to the food market. The annual savings could easily be hundreds of Ringgit.