Sign up for free customer rewards program

Don’t you know there they are plenty of Business promotion out there, and they are FREE and some even indirectly give you 50% of discounts.

Even if you rarely shop at that place, but having reward card will eventually save you some money. Always shop for cheapest item from department store. Some store always do member discount, it really word to buy during this member day sales.
reward program

Open up a newspaper daily, especially on weekend, there are plenty of offer going on. One key point is, always compare, compare and compare, not all member reward is really cheap. The selling price may higher than before member reward sales.

Choose a reward credit card type that give your points on purchases at wide range of stores. There is Maybank Petronas Credit Card where it give you 8X points on your petrol spending on weekend. Imaging you pump RM80, you got 400 points, this is very attractive reward point system.